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The Medelike Consort was founded in 1981 and specialized in Medieval to Early Baroque Music. Performing on period instruments we have played numerous concerts in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, former Czechoslovakia and Poland. Our repertoire includes sacred and profane music from the Middle Ages, minstrel dances, Minnelieder, Gregorian chants, renaissance dances, songs, madrigals, motets, music for courtely entertainment as well as masses. In addition to appearance at international festivals (Vienna and Salzburg Festival, Brunecker Music Summer, London Early Music Fair, Early Music Festival Stary Sacz, Concerts at Wartburg), the Medelike Consort has taken part in radio and TV broadcasts in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland. Our intention is to play the music as it might have be played in the time of its origin and above all to show the audience, that this music still can live in our days.

CD with music from prints of Tilman Susato

In 1991 the Medelike Consort produced a CD with music from Tilman Susato´s musyck boexkens.

It contains dutch songs from Tilman Susato´s Musyck Boexkens and from Het deerde Musyck Boexken, better known as "Dansereye".

We played on renaissance recorders, crumhorns, kortholt, spanish shawm, harp, fiddles in different sizes ( descant, treble, tenor-bass), viols, small drum and other percussions.

All members of the consort sing in choir or as soloist.

The CD was produced at Preiser Records Vienna, nr: 90979

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