This is the notes schedule we have made, it is classified by topic, all related with this sport. Surely we have missed many more. We will continue searching on Internet and we hope that those people who know or own a note that deserves to appear in this schedule send us an e-mail so we include it.
We will continue translating to Spanish language the fundamental notes, according to our opinion, mainly those necessary ones for the beginners or for those who plan to begin to practice two line kite teamflying.


INDISPENSABLE Sport Kite Teamflying Troy Gunn Yahoo Group, discussion forum integrated by pilots from the whole world. English --
INDISPENSABLE Teamfliegen Teams Garuda & Watnu Becoming the World Team Kite Flying Portal at Internet. Articles, routines, teams, links. English Germany
BASIC INFO Ground School Top of the Line
ABC of stunt flight: flight field, winds, take off, adjustments, basic maneuvers, landings. First flights in team.   OBLIGATORY!! English USA
BASIC INFO Flying Basics for Dual Line Sport Kites  Stunt Kites! by David Gomberg  Very elementary information about stunt flight Inglés USA
BASIC INFO EduKites EduKites Barriletes Deportivos Basic site. It's commercial too. Spanish Argentina
BASIC INFO Brasilpipas Brasil pipas Basic site. It's commercial too. Portugués Brasil
BASIC INFO Improving Your Beginning Individual Precision Bert Tanaka for What is looked for in precision maneuvers and how to improve the flight style English USA
BASIC INFO Normas de Vuelo  y  Seguridad Personal Some security rules that everyone must know. Spanish Spain
BASIC INFO Competition? Who? Me? Sven Arneson for Stories of the competition beginnings of the Swedish pilot Sven Arneson. English USA
BASIC INFO Let's Stay Together - Beginning team basics  Bert Tanaka for Recomendations for teams just beginning.  OBLIGATORY!! English USA
BASIC INFO Improving Your Individual Precision Freestyle Bert Tanaka for How to improve your skill in individual flight English USA
BASIC INFO Beginning Precision Bert Tanaka for SDKC How to improve your skill in individual flight English USA
BASIC INFO How to start a Kite Team...or maybe not? Eddie Zihlman Jr How Austin End Of the Line Kite Team was created (June 1998).  OBLIGATORY!!! English Argentina
BASIC INFO The “NO SECRETS” Handbook of Team Sport Kite Flying Al Hargus III Manual containing everything you must know before and during the foundation of a team.  OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
BASIC INFO The AKA Sport Kite Team Flying Handbook Troy Gunn and Jerry Hershey Manual containing everything you must know before and during the foundation of a team.  OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
BASIC INFO Explaining Competitions  Ron Graziano Simple but excellent explanation of the categories, participants and levels of competition of stunt kites. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
BASIC INFO Volando Precisión  Jorge Offermann First steps in precision flight.   OBLIGATORY!!! Spanish Argentina
BASIC INFO Flight Training PRISM Many advice for beginning. Well classified. English USA
BASIC INFO Como voar um papagaio acrobático Alivola Kites Portuguese language translation of a basic article of stunt kite flying. Portuguese Brasil
BASIC INFO Is team flying for me? John Barressi for Kitelife This is a very good article on team flying.   OBLIGATORY!!! english USA
BASIC INFO Sunt Kites Dee Doyle ABC of stunt flying. Many terms explained. English USA
BOOKS Books list of Wind Wizard Wind Wizard Listing of books with small summary. Commercial site.      OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
VIDEOS Lista de Videos de Wind Wizard Wind Wizard Listing of videos. Commercial site English USA
VIDEOS Austin End Of the Line Team Austin EOL Excelent video of this team. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
VIDEOS Competition Videos at Satori Kites Satori Kites Lots of videos to download. English USA
VIDEOS PROKITE News MarinDV Ballet Videos of Tame Bird & Windy Magic at Berck sur Mer 2004 Championship (at the end of the page) Russian Rusia
BRIDLES How to get the bridle right Art & Flywork Basic but interesting article. RECOMENDED English USA
BRIDLES Bridas dinámicas EduKites Barriletes Deportivos Good article in Spanish about bridles and its variations.  OBLIGATORY!! Spanish Argentina
BRIDLES Selected rec.kites Posts Andy Wardley  Static and dynamic bridles design English USA
BRIDLES Cómo hacer bridas Nilo Vélez Excellent article of how to make traditional and turbo bridle.   OBLIGATORY!!! Spanish Spain
BRIDLES DualLineDeltaKiteBridleCalculator Aiken Drum Interesting program for the initial mathematical calculation to design bridles English USA
BRIDLES The Active Bridle  Andy Wardley  Active bridles design.   OBLIGATORIO!!! English USA
BRIDLES The Dihedral Active Bridle Andy Wardley  Dihedral active bridle design.  OBLIGATORIO!!! English USA
BRIDLES Turbo Bridle Adjustment & Tuning Tips Allen Stroh  Excelent article on turbo bridle. RECOMENDADO English USA
BRIDLES How to make a simple Line Jig Mike's Kite Site v3.0 Simple device to build exact bridles. English USA
BRAKES Diaper Stanley Kellar Traditional Diaper for high winds. English USA
BRAKES Airdynamics Airdynamics Commercial site with diverse types of wind brakes and accessories English USA
BRAKES Braking Technology! Sven Arnesen for Kitelife Very good article on wind brakes. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
BRAKES Wah Pads & Air Brakes (wind tamers) The Power Kite Site Wah Pads. A different kind of air brakes. English USA
BRAKES Stunt kite tips for strong wind Kites and Music Some air brakes models and hot to make them. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
KNOTS Kite Flier's knot gallery Simo Salanne The site on knots for kites of a specialist in kites. OBLIGATORY!!! English Finland
KNOTS Get Knotted! 42nd BRIGHTON            Scout Group,          East Sussex, UK Lots of animated knots. RECOMENDED English USA
KNOTS Search on : Knots Geometry.Net: the online learning center Search result on KNOTS. Of all kind, not only for kites use. English USA
KNOTS Siempre Scout - Nudos con movimiento Stephanie Reding Garcia Site with many knots. In Spanish Spanish Mexico
LINES Choosing your flying lines Prism  Comments about lines. Commercial site English USA
LINES Join broken line Kite Fantastic - The UK Kite Flyer's Site Repairing method of broken Dyneema lines English USA
LINES Kite Flying Line Wind Power Sports Another commercial site. Laser Pro line, different types and presentations English USA
LINES What affects the performance of a flyline? Excellent comparative between different materials of lines and elaboration methods. RECOMENDED English USA
LINES How to prepare LaserPro flylines Article on kite lines prepareing. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
LINES Line Length Equalizer Sven Arnesen Tip to maintain both lines of the same lenght English Sweden
LINES Line stretching and knot problems… Dan Rubesh Method to make and to maintain both lines of the same lenght. RECOMENDED. English USA
LINES Line Equalizer Desconocido Line equalizer. Aluminum model. English USA
LINES Moran - Line Equalizer  BFK Line equalizer. Plastic model. English USA
LINES DSM  Dyneema DSM Web site of a Dyneema manufacturer English USA
MATERIALS Stiffness and Weight of Sport Kite Spars Simo Salanne  Excelent comparative table of stiffness versus weight of spars. RECOMENDED English Finland
MATERIALS Selecting Sport Kite Spars Simo Salanne  How to select spars for kites. OBLIGATORY!!!   Read Stiffness and Weight. English Finland
MATERIALS Bending Spars with a Coke Can Simo Salanne  Article on comparing spars. Very technical. English Finland
MATERIALS Kites, Fabrics, and Airfoils Brian Doyle for North Sails Group Good article on resistance, porosity and deformation in fabrics. English USA
MATERIALS Why sail cloth is lighter in USA? Simo Salanne  Explanation of differences in weights because metric and English units. Interesting English Finland
KITE TESTS The Excess by Atelier The Highwaymen of Leicester Test of an excellent 3/4 kite. English UK
KITE TESTS Excess Ventile (Atelier Cerf-Volant) The Power Kite Site Test of an excellent 3/4 kite. Vented English USA
KITE TESTS The Lithium by Atelier The Highwaymen of Leicester Test of an excellent kite, used by lots of teams. English UK
KITE TESTS The Lithium by Atelier The Highwaymen of Leicester Test of an excellent kite, used by lots of teams. English UK
KITE TESTS Lithium (L'Atelier) The Power Kite Site Test of an excellent kite, used by lots of teams. English UK
KITE TESTS The Heat by Skyburner Glen Warren for Exhaustive test of this kite. English USA
KITE TESTS Master Control by Lam Hoac Glen Warren for Exhaustive test of this kite. English USA
KITE TESTS Mako by Blue Moon Kites Glen Warren for Exhaustive test of this kite. English USA
KITE TESTS The Matrix by Flexifoil The Highwaymen of Leicester Specifications of a very good kite English UK
KITE TESTS The Matrix by Flexifoil Milotxes Digital 2001 Test of this kite Spanish Spain
KITE TESTS New Jam by New Tech Kites Kitefan's Web Page Test of this kite English Canada
KITE TESTS Outer Space (Benson Kites) The Power Kite Site Test of this kite English USA
KITE TESTS Precision Kite Company:  the NEXT!  Cutting Edge Kite Shop Specifications and and pics of all the colours available. Commercial site. English USA
KITE TESTS Post Competition Report AKA 2002 Report after a convention in 2002. Some models are described and rewarded, included the Master Control kite. English USA
KITE TESTS Kite Specifications Database  The Power Kite Site Extraordinary database of lots of kites. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
PLANS Raaseri - A full range of high performance stunt kites Simo Salanne  One of the most known kites. El Fabuloso Team took this kite as a basement to design their FT kite. English Finland
PLANS Aviv by Elliot Elliot Action Kites A good kite plan, with all the details to build it. German Germany
PLANS List of lots of kites Kitemonster A list of links of kites, thumbnails. Kites of all kind: Tricks, freestyle, precision and beginning ones. Italian Italy
PLANS Kite Photography by John Chilese & Friends John Chilese Lots and lots of pictures of stunt kites. Even they are not plans, you must see them. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
DESIGN Stunt Kite Template  Jim Campbell A mathematical  way of beginning to design an acrobatic kite. RECOMENDED English USA
DESIGN Stunt Kite Design David Lord David Lord's point of view of  aerodynamics of the sport kite English USA
DESIGN Standoff Positioning Ron Reich How the point of tension of a stand off is determined on the sail of a kite English USA
RULES International Rule Book Committee Menu IRBC Menu of options of the International Rules Book Committee (IRBC) site. OBLIGATORIO!!! English USA
RULES International Rule Book CommitteePrecision Compulsory Figures IRBC All the compulsory maneuvers for single, pairs and team; for two or four lines kites. English USA
RULES Rulebook Proposal Hans Jansen op de Haar for Kitelife How the organization of a book of general rules began in 1998. Interesting. English USA
RULES HistoricPrecision Compulsory Figures (Old AKA) AKA The compulsory maneuvers.American Kiteflyers Association English USA
RULES Compulsory Figures and Diagrams ("OLD" AKA)  Hans Jansen op de Haar Comparations between the STACK and the AKA rules. At the bottom of this page there is the access to 3D animation of the maneuvers. English Holland
RULES A few requests to Field Staff Adena Schutzberg for Kitelife A competition participant's letter to the members of the tribunal of it. English USA
RULES The “NO SECRETS” Handbook for Sport Kite Competition Field Crews Al Hargus III (published in A manual for all the personnel of a competition. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
RULES International Sport Kite Judges' Book IRBC International Sport Kite Judges' Book. Acrobat Reader .pdf file. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
RULES The Nordic Kite Challenge   STACK Sweden and Aerialis-dot-com An intersting way of compete that Nordics use. RECOMENDED English Sweden
RULES Invitation to the Ocean Shores International Kite Challenge (1999) The North Coast Sky Painters at Cutting Edge Invitation to Competence. A good example of what they want from participants and what they notify. English USA
ROUTINES 3-D Kite flying! Hans Jansen op de Haar  The compulsory maneuvers animated in 3 dimensions. They can be seen from any position of the wind window. EXCELENT!!! English Holland
ROUTINES Six-Man Team Routine Hans Jansen op de Haar for Kitelife Team Dike Hopper's routine at the World Cup 1991, Bristol.   Designed by Nop Velthuizen  English Holland
ROUTINES Sky Symphony Animation Page Some sequences and routines in Flash. The music list required to fly them is indicated. EXCELENTS!!! English UK
ROUTINES Lenguage que podría ser internacional Darrin Skinner  Calls language that could be adopted internationally. This could be a hard job. English USA
ROUTINES Team Kite Choreography Darrin Skinner  Three kites routines and something more. RECOMENDED English USA
COREOGRAPHY Selecting Music for Ballet Bert Tanaka for SDKC What must be looked for in choosing music for kite ballet. English USA
COREOGRAPHY Musical Kite Ballet  - Some Observations and Commentary  Olan Turner for Stunt Kite Quarterly in Kitelife A very important person, commenting what he considers basic in kite ballet, as pilot as much as judge.  RECOMENDED. English USA
COREOGRAPHY Choreography Bert Tanaka  A Bert Tanaka's article on a six members team. Educational. English USA
COREOGRAPHY A View of the Ballet Bert Tanaka for Kitelife An article where figure skate is compared to precision and ballet kiteflying. RECOMENDED. English USA
COREOGRAPHY Lam Hoac's Kite Sitemusic Lam Hoac's Kite Sitemusic Some advice on music for kite ballet and software to edit it. English USA
COREOGRAPHY "KITE BALLET"  what it means to Ron Reich. Ron Reich              Top of the Line Team The three kite ballet types. RECOMENDED English USA
JUDGING Learning to Judge - A Workshop for the SDKC  Bert Tanaka Excellent article on how to judge. It helps us to fly better and to emphasize what is needed. English USA
JUDGING Head Judge in Training Adena Schutzberg for Kitelife Wich good things a judge sees in other judges. English USA
JUDGING Judging? Hans Jansen op de Haar for Kitelife Philosophical problem of judging. English USA
JUDGING The Secret Language of Ballet Judges Adena Schutzberg for Kitelife What the judges speak to each other after you carried out your flight. English USA
SOFTWARE KiteFlight (version 2.06) Peter van den Hamer Animated maneuvers, for DOS, up to 16 kites. Selectable colors. Programming: full sequential text sentences. Powerfull commands. A little hard to learn initially, but powefull and versatile. A wide variety of commands. English Holland
SOFTWARE Cyberkite V 1.1 Nicolas Poursin Animated maneuvers, for Windows, up to 8 kites, colors non selectables. Programming: full graphic environment of editables patterns sequencied. Fairly easy of programming but limited in possibilities. French France
SOFTWARE Sport Kite Simulator KiteSim.Com Stunt kite simulatofor PC                <only ON LINE> English USA
SOFTWARE Kite Cursor for PC Kite-O-holix, the Stuntkite Team from Austria Animated cursor for PC. English Austria
TRICKS Novice Class  Phil Napier for How to begin with tricks English USA
TRICKS Kite flying   -  Adding difficulty levels Peter Peters  Suggested listing of how to go increasing the difficulties in the maneuvers and tricks. RECOMENDED English USA
TRICKS Tricks & Kites    Mr Freestyle & Co. Tricks with their names in French and English, with a punctuation of their degree of difficulty and best wind to fly them. French France
TRICKS Functional index Peter Peters Tricks classified English USA
MISCELANEOUS Flying is a feeling… Dante Marello To fly is something that all can do. Even not having all the senses. With imagination. RECOMENDED English translation by El Fabuloso Team Argentina
MISCELANEOUS Learning and Sharing is the Heartbeat of Kiting Ron Reich  Listing of Ron Reich's letters sent to English USA
MISCELANEOUS Novice Stars of the Eastern League Phil Napier for Some pilots beginnings and their small biographies. English USA
MISCELANEOUS The Mighty Zopilotes Bert Tanaka for Kitelife It is always interesting to read Bert Tanaka's English USA
MISCELANEOUS Kitebuilder Tech Sheets Kitebuilder This is the beginning of all. Kitbuilder began in this way. We took from this site the idea of our list of technical notes. It has information of kites of ALL kind.   OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
MISCELANEOUS Hot Tricks Shoot-Out: The Battle For King of The Hill   Ron Despojado for Kitelife An interesting and funny article of a competition method. English USA
MISCELANEOUS The 10 Commandments of Kite Flying Andrew Beattie The Ten Commandments on sleeveing the lines. English USA
MISCELANEOUS You are a kite-oholic when you.... rec.kites Method to confirm your total adiction to kites English USA
MISCELANEOUS How to Discourage a Kite Flier Adena Schutzberg for Kitelife  Very sensitive article. EXCELENT. English USA
MISCELANEOUS Interview with Hans Jansen op de Haar Kitelife Magazine An interview to one of the most important people of the stunt kite environment. OBLIGATORY!!! English USA
MISCELANEOUS Cordless Electric Line Winder  Mike Petro Luxurious lines rewinder, based on a battery operated screwdriver. Complete planes. English USA
MISCELANEOUS Night Lights Mike Petro Lights to illuminate the whole kite sail. Project cost: U$S 10 English USA
MISCELANEOUS Mega-Team Flying Hans Jansen op de Haar for Kitelife An article on Mega Teams, relating the different attempts since 1987.    RECOMENDED English USA