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Official Kite Clubs:
The Richmond Air Force (RAF) If you fly kites in Richmond Virginia in the summer, then you really do like kites. Trust me, I have, and I do. Great club.
 Wings Over Washington Kite Club (WOW) This is what a club site should be like. (yes I am biased, I am a member).
Sweet Virginia Breeze All that is kiting in Virginia
The Maryland Kite Society  Perhaps the most active kite club on the east coast. A fantastic group of people.
The Eastern League Sport Kite Association Learn about the Eastern League and the events spanning the entire east coast of the United States.
Other Members:  
Mikes Kite Site The largest kite site on the net
James' Web The home site for the Kites.Org Admin.
The Kiteoholix The first international kite team from Austria.
Simo Salanne Learn about kiting in Finland and all over the world
Tmr's Kite Site of Life A fantastic site in German and English featuring information such as events and plans for many single line kites
Josh Young A site devoted to kite surfing
Kites & Music An interesting site that focuses on sport kites and early music, avialable in English and German. 
Fredl's Kites Site A multi-language site with a clean look and informative pages
The Divide Ride Not so much about kites, but you can learn everything about the divide-ride.
Mr. Nasty Part of the Kiteweb's on-line news .
The Power Kite Site  A nicely laid out site that deals with power kites and power kiting.
Kuba's Kite Page A clean and easy to use site that details plans for a "stelar delta" kite.
Tom's Happy-Hour Page  Learn about Tom's kites.
Eric Singer Learn about my buddy Eric and his kites
KiteFantastic  A VERY clean and well laid out site, a must visit
Kite Flying in Ireland An kite flying site based out of Limerick Ireland
Cometas  A fun site in Spanish with lots of information and plans